Saturday, October 5, 2013

Regal Rowe will showcase a new collection at Colorado Fashion Week 2013

Photo Credit: Regal Rowe
As a girl growing up in Cambodia, Sinath Jerome, creator of Regal Rowe, was inspired to create beautiful clothing. This passion for the creative process and the artistry behind fashion has carried through her whole life. “From my earliest childhood memories growing up in Cambodia I have been intoxicated with the possibilities of molding color, texture and structure into the real-life product of my imagination, and now under my brand Regal Rowe, my passion is now vocation.”

Regal Rowe collections are bright and jubilant, and they will make the wearer stand out. States Jerome, “I design products with an emphasis on female sensuality and elegance for High-Fashion and Ready-To-Wear, while striving for constant technical innovation and stylistic originality in the pursuit of beautiful handmade garments and accessories.” Past looks have featured trends like jewel tones and geometric prints – all tailored with expert precision.

Jerome is excited to bring the latest Regal Rowe collection to the public with a presentation at Colorado Fashion Week 2013. Featuring pieces that are sexy, feminine and versatile, spectators will love watching each look grace the runway. This collection is great for those who appreciate high fashion and couture looks that stand out from every day clothing. Come see it for yourself at the Oxford Hotel. Purchase tickets here

Friday, October 4, 2013

See Nicholas Anthony's debut collection at Colorado Fashion Week

Designer Anthony Heimann, creative mastermind behind Nicholas Anthony Clothing, knows a thing or two about fashion. Having been sewing since the age of 5, Anthony was thrust into the fashion world in high school. A self-taught pattern maker, he made prom dresses for classmates. As sewing is an outlet, he decided to go professional. “Sewing, designing, and creating are all the same to me, as they are the releases from the pressures of our world.”

Following high school, Anthony followed his passion to Miami Lakes, Florida where he attended Johnson and Wales University with the aim of learning the intricacies of launching and marketing his brand. He has been involved with high profile events like Miami Beach International Fashion week in 2011, and is bringing his designs to the Southwest at Colorado Fashion Week on October 5th. “Guests and audience members can expect a WOW from the Nicholas Anthony Clothing Runway Presentation at CO Fashion Week 2013! The theme for the show will be focused upon conscience living and forward moving thinking through our actions.”

Anthony takes a philosophical approach to fashion design. As he puts it, “The world around me inspires me to create new collections. Every aspect of society from human rights to environmental integrity are facets of my inspirations.” He aims to move the industry forward creating beautiful and functional garments with high style while remaining consciously aware of using eco-friendly materials and processes.

After returning to Casper, WY, Anthony was looking for more outlets in which to introduce his clothing to the public, and Colorado Fashion Week was the perfect fit. Buy tickets now to come see the debut of the Nicholas Anthony line tomorrow night at the Oxford Hotel.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Apricot Lane will show off its fall collection on Day 3 of Colorado Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Apricot Lane

For high style in an intimate setting, check out Apricot Lane in Larimer Square. Owned and operated by husband/wife duo Phil and Chris Revard, the shop offers a unique spin on the typical boutique experience. Carrying popular designers such as Miss Me, MM Couture and JANA, among others, this shop is perfect for Denver style.

Unlike other boutiques, however, Apricot Lane offers franchise opportunities, so other people can capitalize on its brand. With current locations in Larimer Square and The Streets of Southglenn, people from all over the metro area can easily access high fashion. In addition, the boutique allows customers to host private, catered fashion parties. For a night, you and your friends can live like celebrities and shop all by yourselves.

Apricot Lane is an official sponsor of Colorado Fashion Week 2013. Buy your tickets now, and check out the shop for yourself. Once the show is over, you can stop into the store for new pieces for your wardrobe.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Check out what's new from Kimono Dragons at Colorado Fashion Week

Frances D. Roces’ Kimono Dragons is a staple of the Denver fashion scene. Created in 1999, Kimono Dragons looks have graced runways all over the City. Kimono Dragons’ signature design aesthetic is, “Asian meets Urban.” Roces manages to combine these styles in a chic, unique and distinctive way. The looks manage to look polished and refined, while also retaining an urban edge.

Having recently been awarded residency at the Power Haus studio PAIR program, Kimono Dragons has been inspired and has been working on a lot of new things over the summer. The label is currently working on its Frank&SteinCo. brand – a line that will focus predominantly on menswear.

With pieces that appeal to people of many different styles, Kimono Dragons allows people to add a little flair to their everyday style. Each piece is well tailored and easy to pair and make your own. There are pieces that are appropriate for any occasion from a day in the office to a night on the town. Each piece is produced locally and with as little waste as possible. To make sure that all textiles eventually make their way onto a garment, fabric is purchased with each garment in mind, so there won’t be a lot of scraps. When warranted, some leftover textiles make their way onto other garments.

See what’s next for Kimono Dragons by purchasing tickets to Day 3 of Colorado Fashion Week.    

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Phoenix based designer INDI Apparel will present a collection at Colorado Fashion Week

Photo Credit: INDI Apparel
Colorado Fashion Week not only aims to bring visibility to designers from Colorado, but also from all over the Rocky Mountain region. This year's main event features a runway presentation from a designer based out of Phoenix. On October 5, INDI Apparel will showcase a collection at the Oxford Hotel.

Argentina-born designer Diana Lopez is an avid globe trotter. Having begun designing at the age of 12, she is a life-long fashion enthusiast. Diana began with smaller projects like refurbishing clothes. “I was young and wanted to express myself through fashion but couldn't find what I wanted to wear in stores, so I decided to create it myself.  My parents bought me a sewing machine when they saw that I was starting to tear up my clothes and make new ones  ̶  and they asked my grandmother to teach me how to sew when she came to visit from Argentina.”

These lessons blossomed into a career, and Diana now makes fabulous clothing for all occasions. She has been inspired by her travels. “There is a sense of style and innovation that I find in even the most subtle details when I sit somewhere to people watch, or make new friends at a hostel.  These are observations you have to make for yourself. No amount of globalization can provide that for you. You have to get out there in the world to see it for yourself.”

A unique aspect of the INDI Apparel brand is that the clothes are designed with jet-setting in mind. They are versatile and lightweight. They are also easy to pack. Diana was frustrated about always having to limit her wardrobe simply because she was in another city/country. She enjoys a variety of activities that require several wardrobe options like hiking, tango and Capoeira.

Diana will be bringing her INDI Apparel line to Colorado Fashion Week in October. She was fortunate enough to meet Justice Kwarteng, the organizer of the event, and he was impressed enough by her work to offer her a spot in the runway presentations. Diana currently works and lives in Arizona, and she is excited to bring her clothing to the Denver area. She believes that travelers and everyday women alike will love the line. “Everything that the models are wearing is made for beauty AND comfort. These clothes are not just showy dresses for a runway. They are versatile pieces for your extraordinary life.”

Check out the INDI Apparel fashion show for yourself at Colorado Fashion Week in October. Tickets are on sale now. Just go to

Monday, September 30, 2013

CFW 2013: MAI Couture makes beauty quick and easy

Colorado Fashion Week applauds forward thinking designers and artists. This year's show will feature a
runway presentation from designer/makeup artist Mai Couture. The Mai Couture product line will revolutionize the way people think about traditional cosmetics. 

A former fashion designer, Mai Tran launched a cosmetics line in 2010. Having had years of experience in the fashion industry as both a designer and a makeup artist, she created the Mai Couture line with the goal of making beauty quick and accessible for the woman on the go. The line’s most popular product is a series of blotting papers that are pre-loaded to correct color and make skin look radiant while also absorbing oil.

These blotting papers are perfect for anyone who lives a busy lifestyle, and also for those who don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. For those who don’t like going into the world with a naked face, these products are perfect. They are easily stored in any handbag, so they’re great for those days where you don’t want to do a whole makeup routine before heading out to the store or to run other errands.

Mai Couture is a sponsor of Colorado Fashion Week, and VIP guests will get to experience Mai Couture products for themselves. Treat yourself to an evening of fine fashion by purchasing tickets.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Colorado Fashion Week Gives New Designers a Platform

For the past three years, the mission of Colorado Fashion Week has been to position Colorado as the fashion capital of the West. We spot emerging talent and give them a platform in which to launch their careers. We also aim to spotlight the best and the brightest in the region. This year's event is no exception. This year's event will feature newer talent alongside well known names. One emerging face in Colorado fashion that you'll be introduced to at this year's show is Robbi Sayuri. 

Photo Credit: Robbi Sayuri Collections
For many designers, fashion is a life-long love affair. They spend their childhood styling dolls, sketching, learning to sew and living and breathing fashion. Others, however, come into design in a different way. Robbi Sayuri is one of the latter. Like most people, she was unsure of what to do with her life as a youngster. She started volunteering at fashion shows and sketching while observing the show. As a student at the Art Institute of Colorado, she found her way into the art of textiles and fell in love. “I wasn't 100% sure when I got there, but I immediately fell in love with what I was doing and realized this is what I wanted for the rest of my career. Every finished garment is a reward in itself. The reactions, smiles, and love are what keep me inspired.”

Robbi makes clothing for women who are strong and comfortable with their femininity. Her looks are sexy, and emphasize the body without being overly revealing. “I believe feminine curves are meant to be shown but not exploited. A woman’s back is the most beautiful part of the body, and should not be forgotten. After all, it’s the last thing they see when you take your first steps ahead.”

After debuting her first mini collection in the Summer of 2013, Robbi got involved with the JTA Group. She is excited to be part of this year’s featured designers at Colorado Fashion Week. Robbi brings a young, fresh perspective to women’s wear. By pairing fabrics with different textures and colors, she creates looks that are fashion forward and fresh while still looking polished and put together. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch her premiere collection at Colorado Fashion Week on October 5th.